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J. Nevin Shaffer. JR. Licensed patent attorney registration number 29,858 Member of the Alabama, Florida and Texas Bars "If you are in business, you have intellectual property!"®
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“Having difficulty finding a patent/intellectual property attorney who speaks English? Nevin’s your man. Using examples of intellectual property that everyone knows and recognizes, Nevin lays out this complex area with spirit and fun. Just don’t get him started on the glory days of Navy football.”

Dr. Ray Smilor
President, Foundation for Enterprise Development, La Jolla, Ca.

“Nevin’s fast paced detailed and funny presentation arms our graduate students with countless critical questions for new businesses they join about their intellectual property, like where is it and how have you protected it?”

Dr. Gary Cadenhead
Director, Moot Corp Competition Graduate School of Business, The University of Texas at Austin, TX

“As a speech coach, I am always thrilled to hear a speaker who practices all the things I preach. Nevin Shaffer is such a speaker. I had the pleasure of hearing Nevin address the Technology Advisory Group at Austin’s Metropolitan Club. The hour was early and his talk was on “Intellectual Property Rights.” Given the subject, my hopes were not high. His presentation could have been technical, dry and full of jargon like so many I hear in the high tech community. Instead it was lively, funny and extremely informative. I was totally captured by his style, laughed out loud at several stories and left remembering his main points. What more can an audience member ask? Although Nevin used slides effectively, he did not “hide” behind them. Bullet points were not the center of his presentation, he was. To illustrate his points, he shared compelling anecdotes, told personal stories and painted vivid word pictures. Best of all, he was warm, witty, knowledgeable and passionate about his subject. Nevin does everything a good communicator should do and does it exceptionally well. I highly recommend Nevin as a speaker who not only connects with audiences, but educates and entertains them as well.”

Jim Comer
Austin, TX

Common Remarks

“Fun”, “Animated”, “Jovial”, “Dynamic”, “Enthusiastic”, “Entertaining and informative”, “Makes it easy to understand subject matter”, “Liked his stories”, “Appropriate for the audience”

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