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J. Nevin Shaffer. JR. Licensed patent attorney registration number 29,858 Member of the Alabama, Florida and Texas Bars "If you are in business, you have intellectual property!"®
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General Overview

* Mistakes You Can Only Make if You are IBM (and Even They Don’t Make Them Any More!)
Tales from the graveyard of bad intellectual property law decisions that would haunt any business. A brief review of patent, trademark, copyright, and trade secret situations gone wrong. This light hearted talk sheds light on some things IBM did and how your business can avoid the same pitfalls.

* What’s in store for ideas in the future? A strategy for dealing with the unknown. A look into the future of ideas and a suggestion for dealing with the unknown.

Specific Detail

* The Beer and Donut Diet is a Bad Plan for Fitness: 12 Good Plans for Building a Strong Business That Can Stand Up to the Competition
Tips on a variety of proven ways businesses can protect themselves from their competitors. No flash in the pan fad diets here!

* A Trademark is Your Short Cut to Other People’s Money: How to pick a Great One!
A guide in the selection of trademarks for registration in the US that are easier to register, less expensive to obtain and less costly to defend. This seminar starts with a review of common myths surrounding trademarks, explores the reality of what a trademark actually is and outlines the steps in the selection of a great trademark. Attendees will be empowered to gain the maximum bang for their advertising buck.

* Don’t Let Your Trade Secrets Go Free: How To Lock Them Up and Add Value to Your Business. Worried about your most valuable employee taking all your secrets with them and becoming your next newest competitor? You should be! This program reviews the do’s and don’ts of how to keep your secrets safe at home where they belong and not out on the streets causing you trouble!


* You Just Might Not be Crazy: They said “CAN” When the World said “CAN’T”
A thought-provoking and fun review of famous and not so famous inventors and entrepreneurs to comfort those concerned about making the leap into business.

* Trust yourself when all men doubt you! A discussion about what to expect when you have an idea you think is a good one through stories of previous famous inventors.

For those groups wishing to see less of their lawyers, these programs are offered:

  • How to Protect Your Business From Needless Litigation AND See More of Your Money and Less of Your Lawyer!
    The truth is, every successful business has conflict. It is inevitable. This seminar outlines strategies to give your business the leverage it needs to end those inevitable conflicts quickly, inexpensively and in your favor without spending all your profits on your lawyer!
  • How to Maximize the Legal Protections for Your Business and Minimize Litigation!
  • How to Give Your Business a Boost and Your Lawyers the Boot!
  • How to Keep More Profits and See Fewer Lawyers!
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