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J. Nevin Shaffer. JR. Licensed patent attorney registration number 29,858 Member of the Alabama, Florida and Texas Bars "If you are in business, you have intellectual property!"®
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Help with Trade Secrets nationally, internationally and especially in Florida, Alabama and Texas

If you are in business, you have intellectual property, as the firm’s registered slogan advises. Many businesses operate with confidential information that gives them a competitive edge in the marketplace. For these businesses, maintaining the confidentiality of that information is key to maintaining that competitive edge. Intellectual property specialist J. Nevin Shaffer, Jr. can counsel you on how to protect your trade secrets, how to make the most of their commercial viability, and how to prevent or resolve disputes when trade secrets are threatened. Learn more about our services below, and contact J. Nevin Shaffer, Jr., P.A. at our offices in Gulf Breeze, Florida or Mobile, Alabama to discuss your legal needs regarding valuable company trade secrets.

Trade Secret Counseling

We’ll help you to understand what trade secrets are, how they are created and how they are protected. We will work with you to identify and define the trade secrets applicable to your business and advise you on the steps necessary to keep them secure.

Representation in Trade Secret-Related Transactions

A Florida Bar board-certified specialist in Intellectual Property Law, J. Nevin Shaffer, Jr. provides expert assistance in drafting confidentiality agreements, nondisclosure agreements and non-compete agreements to keep your trade secrets safe and secure. Additionally, Nevin can represent you in negotiations for the assignment or licensing of trade secrets consistent with your IP portfolio and overall business strategy.

Trade Secret-Related Mediation and Litigation Advice

In the event of actual or threatened theft or misappropriation of trade secrets, while Nevin no longer litigates, our office helps to resolve disputes through mediation or litigation advice, as necessary. Injunctions and monetary damages, as well as attorney’s fees, may be available as remedies under your state’s Trade Secrets Act or the federal Defend Trade Secrets Act or Economic Espionage Act. Let us help you with expert assistance regarding pre-suit risk management or loss mitigation, trial strategy and alternative dispute resolution with an eye toward sensitive topics such as preserving the secrecy of trade secrets during litigation in conjunction with your litigation attorney.

Protect and Preserve Valuable Trade Secrets with the Help of an Experienced IP Attorney

If your business needs help protecting its valuable trade secrets, get help from a Florida board-certified specialist in intellectual property with over 38 years experience helping companies like yours. In Florida, Alabama and Texas, contact J. Nevin Shaffer, Jr., P.A. at our offices in Gulf Breeze, Florida or Mobile, Alabama.

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